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Among global M&A deals, cross-border transactions now exceed domestic transactions – and this trend is likely to continue. The prospect of acquiring or merging with a company in an unfamiliar market is daunting – and cross-border M&A is considered more difficult than executing on domestic deals.


M&A Transnational® network is intended to give CEO of Mid Cap Companies, practical, hands‐on advice for conducting successful cross‐border M&A transactions.


M&A Transnational® network is a partnership of independent investment banking firms operating globally to support clients in domestic and international transactions.


M&A Transnational® network focus is on M&A with locally nuanced delivery to achieve business growth strategies whether this is through acquisition, divestment, sale or international joint ventures.

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What We Do

We close deals and deliver value to our clients.


M&A Transnational® network can identify, screen and initiate discussions with potential acquisition targets, then structure and negotiate a deal, and if needed, arrange the acquisition financing. Our approach remains at country level, involving wide networking with the market eco-system (investment funds, VC, banks, law firms…)

Private Partnerships

M&A Transnational® network is a combination of private partnerships with senior partners, one per region or country, and is built on a collegiate culture to better serve our clients. Each Partner treats the other, across the geographies as a colleague, dedicated to the client for a successful transaction.

Why choosing us ?

Local Network, client focus, deal makers mindset
International network, country expertise
Understanding cultural gap while crafting bridges to succeed
Increase deal flow (Transnational opportunities) for our clients

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Our Services

M&A Transnational® network, as an International M&A network, is focus on:

Sell Mandate, divestitures

Maximizing values is always a key objective of our clients. In that respect, a transnational transaction may be an opportunity for the acquirer to enter a new market, abroad, with is valuable. We can find the targets (acquirer), demonstrate the strengths, identify synergies and potential improvement opportunities and bring value to our clients in the entire M&A deal process to closing.

Acquisition Mandate

Our local network and databases are key, for acquirers, to identify and approach the target's shareholders. Local expertise and experience will then be critical to engage discussion in the appropriate manner according to customs in a country.

Owner Buy-Outs (OBO) and Management Buy-Outs (MBO)

In an OBO the owners of a company acquire their own business through a holding company, an interesting option in case of family successions. A well-structured process is essential for the success of an OBO as well as for an MBO. We assist the owners (OBO)/the managers (MBO) in selecting the suitable financial partners in domestic as well as foreign markets, structuring of the transaction and coordinating the deal with all parties involved (investors, lawyers...)

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